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Meet Hugh

Hugh Dodd, CFP Photo

Hugh Dodd, CFP

Independent Insurance Representative

I have been an Financial and Insurance Advisor since 1983. Our client base includes people from all stages in life: individuals & families who are working, individuals & couples who are approaching their middle years & retirement and individuals & couples who are currently retired.

I do not represent any single life insurance or investment company. When necessary, I will survey the marketplace to determine those financial products that best serve the unique needs of each client.

During the initial consultation with a client regarding life insurance, I will complete a Life Insurance Confidential Needs Analysis with the client, to determine the amount and type of insurance suitable for the client’s situation. I will also discuss other insurance options with the client including critical illness insurance and disability insurance.

During an initial investment consultation, I help to determine the client's risk tolerance & investment objectives and based on the information gathered I develop a suitable investment approach given the client's acceptable level of risk. Depending on the investment strategy, I only make necessary adjustments as a result of a change in a client's financial situation or investment objectives.

Ongoing advice and portfolio review meetings are an important part of my service to my clients. I am always open to discuss a client’s financial and/or insurance needs.

If you have any questions or comments about the services I offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at (905) 640-9034 or 1-888-299-2242.

“Serving Ontario Investors With Integrity Since 1983″

Call (905) 640-9034